Being pioneer, developing awareness and offering responsibilities in the matters of health, today TARGET PHARMA can be proud for heading towards the top. Being proud of its Hellenic origin, and having widely open horizons overlooking the whole world, TARGET PHARMA exists giving priorities to the values, from its corporate activities to its social presence. TARGET PHARMA has a main target: always heading towards the future…

We are honored by our effective co-operations with world famous companies. Generously offering their trust, they give us the chance to continuously develop our know-how. Very significant part of our success is the contribution of our wisely chosen human resources for being extremely responsible and reliable. TARGET PHARMA’s planningin corporate strategic planning, outlines the company’s expansion and its maintenance on the top. A statement which is not an end in itself, just a creative vision.



Starting point for TARGET PHARMA’s creation was on the second half of 1997.

Target once acquired the trademarks from the previous company hadto normalize the market. The company’s growth and development was inevitable once the products changed their formula and packaging.

Founder of the TARGET company is Mr. Th. G. Tsalikis(CΕO on NORMA HELLAS S.A). Later, the management of the company was taken over by his son G. Th. Tsalikis. TARGET PHARMA has the acceptance of the dermatologists, and its first successes were quickly apparent.

Soon after new products were added to the existing ones. The company TARGET PHARMA was dynamically started its commercial activities and expanded quickly to the rest of the Greece, either by itself or by distributors.

TARGET PHARMA continues to grow and develop, by adding dynamic co-operations with foreign commercial and first materials production units.

In the year 2000 TARGET PHARMA acquired its own privately owned offices and expanded its store facilities.



Target Pharma’s achievements arevalued quantitevely and qualitative as well. Achievement of quality is a principal goal derived from a deep sense of responsibility, since the products aim to guard the ultimate virtue, life it self.

TARGET PHARMA’ s products are produced in one of the biggest production units of the Greek pharmaceutical industry. This company values the high quality of the manufacturing process, and performs internal quality control in every production step.

TARGET PHARMA has been certified for the Design, Trading, Storage and Distribution of dermocosmetics, Food supplements and Pharmaceutical products, according to the Standart Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008. TARGET PHARMA’s products are additionally dermatologically tested by the University of Athens.



The basis of success for TARGET PHARMA is its efficient and flexible organization and its workforce.

The investments made each year are designed to maximize functionality, efficiency, organization and the services it provides. It invests in its people because it believes they are the most valuable “capital” for growth and prosperity. For this reason, it supports continuous training programs for staff on issues of quality control, product promotion and use of new electronic technology. It is worth noting that most of TARGET PHARMA’s staff has a university education.

The belief in its vision and corporate philosophy are key benchmarks for all people of the company to ensure each sector and each phase of activity, quality of products and services offered.



Past organization and infrastructure of TARGET PHARMA, ensures reliability, which is necessary for strategic alliances and partnerships. Our extensive knowledge and experience of the Greek market as well as the high level of education of our partners, supports the creative marketing department of TARGET PHARMA.

The marketing and sales departments of the company are independent but cooperating with the marketing department of pharmacies (feedback communication system). This design helps to increase sales and eliminate the OOS (out of stock).


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