Theodoros Tsalikis, our founder, started a new company in the second half of 1996, while he already had many years in the pharmaceutical business with Norma Hellas SA. A number of trademarks were acquired and the new firm started to operate through difficulties. As Target Pharma was growing, managed to introduce new products and create a focused portfolio.

After few years, Management and Ownership was transferred to Mr. George Th. Tsalikis, son of the founder, who is a Pharmacist with many years experience in the Pharmaceutical market. Today the company counts a wide portfolio of pharmaceutical products and dermo-cosmetics. Also Target Pharma may present a human capital with academic background and high qualifications in all departments.

Today, Mr. George Tsalikis is the sole owner of Target Pharma and also owns the 50% of the share capital of Norma Hellas SA, an exclusively pharmaceutical company focusing mainly in the hospital market.



To contribute in unraveling of new health needs so patients can enjoy improved quality of life.

To be highly ranked by Health Care Professionals for our expertise in Dermatology  Gynecology & Pediatrics.

To offer in the Hellenic market increased access in high quality and affordable pharmaceutical products, covering many therapeutic areas, focusing on Dermatology Gynecology and Pediatrics .

For this reason we also run a broad range of targeted dermo-cosmetics, which strengthen the effects of skin care by providing protection and prevention benefits. This mission demonstrates our commitment to be established as a leader in Dermatology and Gynecology.



Integrity – Filotimo:  We are a responsible company and keep our promises. We act and communicate in an open, honest and trust-worthy way, and since we proudly bare our Hellenic identity, we openly say that we have Filotimo.

Patient focus:  We wish to improve the Quality of Life of patients through competitive products that are essential to health care, of the best possible quality in affordable values for every patient.

Innovation: We constantly seek new solutions outside the status quo and cost-effective since we want to ensure that we reach out to as many end-users as possible.

Passion: We will be the best, we care about the people and we are proud of what we do and how we do it.

Adaptability: We stay agile in a dynamic world by seeking solutions that are flexible, scalable, and cost effective. We seek new opportunities as they arise.

We are focused on knowledge, continuous search, and dedication in the smallest detail. Our daily routine and our operations are governed by the Principles of Total Quality Management according to the Quality Demands of the International Standards of ISO 9001:2008 (Certifier: BUREAU VERITAS). For all our products we remain the sole Marketing Authorization Holder and we are responsible for all aspects of their production, distribution and promotion.


Target Pharma has developed a network that covers all Hellenic territories in National and Private Health-Care Sector, including hospitals, private practitioners, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and co-operations as well as Health Care Associations.

A commitment working with physicians, healthcare providers and patients to deliver innovative and meaningful treatments that help people live healthier lives every day.

Although we are focused in Dermatology, Gynecology & Pediatrics our products are prescribed by the following specialties:

Dermatologists, Pediatricians, Gynecologists, Allergists, Plastic Surgeons, General doctors, Psychiatrists, Gastroenterologists, Pathologists, Pulmonologists, Orthopedics, Otolaryngologists.

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